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Kuwaitis, treated as kuwaiti and non-kuwaitis

Males 20 years Females 15 years Article 42 of Law (8) of 2010 for the person in charge of care (retirement / settlement) Article 42: As an exception to the provisions of the Social Insurance Law and the Military Pens Law, the insured or the beneficiary legally assigned to care for a disabled person with moderate or severe disability is entitled to a pension equivalent to 100% of the salary if the period of service calculated in the pension reaches 20 years for males and 15 years for females. In order to obtain a pension, in this case, the attainment of a certain age is required, in accordance with the conditions and controls laid down by the Authority in agreement with the Social Insurance Organization.

Yes, by visiting the department in charge of caretaker at the authority.

To transfer from a former caretaker to a current one, it requires: a work continuity certificate + a certificate from The Public Institution for Social Security stating that there is no benefit from Article 42 of the law + original caretaker certificate + Civil ID.

In the event that the original caretaker certificate is lost, please go to the district police station and request a report.


The grievance shall be against the decision of the educational and technical committee within 60 days of the decision date at all branches of the authority.

Technical Committee

Traffic Board Committee

Educational Committee

A report from the district police station

A personal photo

People with mild or moderate or severe disability.

The caretaker for a person with moderate or severe disabilities.

The application is submitted through the Kuwait Credit Bank, according to the conditions.

Username and password: online@pada.gov.kw

Inquiries about disability certificates: Ask.certificate@pada.gov.kw

Inquire about financial allocations: Ask.pay@pada.gov.kw

Educational inquiries: Ask.edu@pada.go

Opening a medical file

A disability ID A letter for the person concerned, for the Zakat House and Patient Benefit Fund

Educational support (sons of Kuwaitis)

Disabled with severe disabilities: * 277 dinars as social assistance *150 dinars as server or driver allowance.

Disabled with a moderate disability: *225 dinars as social assistance *100 dinars as a server or driver allowance.

Disabled with a slight disability and educational: *185 dinars as social assistance.

An amount of 300 dinars as a monthly allowance, and only for severe disabilities, according to terms and conditions.

Between 21'st  to 25'th of each month .

Social assistance is paid to every disabled person under the age of 21, and the disability pension is paid to those over 21 for moderate and severe disabilities from PIFSS , according to terms and conditions.

The pension for a person with a disability is paid to women caretaking of persons with severe disabilities, and the beneficiary must not work, whether governmental or private, or self-employed. Furthermore the caretaker of the disabled is not paid from pada.

When the status of disbursement is absent for a number of reasons, including exclusively (the expiration of the certificate - registration of a disabled woman or a woman who is caring for a disabled person in the General Organization for Social Insurance - death). According to the regulations and conditions of the authority. 

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