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Monthly allowance for a woman caring for a disabled (severe disability only)

  • Required Documents:
  1. A copy of the caretaker civil id .
  2.  Disability ID.
  3. A copy of the disabled person birth cirtificate and his guardian.
  4.  An official notification certificate from the Ministry of Justice stating the status of marriage or divorce for the disabled and their caretakers.
  5.  A recent certificate from the Ministry of Trade and Industry stating that there are no commercial licenses for those who take care of the disabled.
  6. A certificate from The Public Institution for Social Security stating that the caretaker does not work in government or private agencies.
  7. A medical report from a government or private hospital (certified) for the woman caring for the disabled stating that she is medically fit.
  8.  Salary transfer request form in the name of the caretaker, indicating the IBAN number.
  9.  A letter of guardianship for the disabled in the event of the disabled person reaching 21 years of age for mental disabilities and in the case of the death of the father death for all disabilities less than 21 years + certificate of non-appeal against the judgment / authorization notice from The Public Authority for Minors Affairs (recent) or a certificate of full eligibility.
  10. In the event of the mother's divorce, a copy of the custody ruling must be provided, a certificate of non-appeal against the judgment.
  11. A letter from the Ministry of Interior for the children of a non-Kuwaiti Kuwaiti (Kuwaiti citizen treatment)

Note: that other documents will be requested according to the need of social services.


Note: When providing the documents, both the disabled and the woman who cares for him must be present to conduct the social research