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social assistance for under 21 years

  • Applications for social assistance for under 21 years
  1.  A copy of civil ID (mother, father).
  2.  A copy of the civil ID for disabled (if it is expired).
  3.  A copy of the handicapped birth certificate.
  4. Salary transfer request form in the name of the disabled (indicating the account number and IBAN number).
  5. Official notification (marriage continuity) from the ministry of justice for the father and mother.


  1.  Incase of divorce: (a copy of the custody ruling -the alimony ruling -a court certificate stating that there is no appeal).
  2.  In the case of non-Kuwaiti disabled person: a Kuwaiti transaction letter from the Ministry of Interior (Nationality Department).
  3.  In the event of the father’s death: (a letter from the Public Authority for Minors Affairs stating that the disabled is registered with them -a copy of the death certificate -a copy of the inheritance determination -the guardianship ruling).

Amount due for each disability: the assistance according to the following order: -

  • -Mild disability: 185 Kuwaiti Dinars.
  • -Moderate disability: 225 Kuwaiti Dinars.
  • -Severe disability: 277 Kuwaiti Dinars.