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Opening A Medical File

  • Required Documents:
  1.  Valid Civil ID for the Applicant.
  2.  If the applicant  below 21 , please attach the civil ID of both perants and the birth certificate of the applicant .
  3. For non-Kuwaitis, please attach a copy of a valid security card for the applicant, showing the patient’s civil number, and the birth certificate if he is a child.
  4.  For a non-Kuwaiti with a Kuwaiti mother, please attach the agent  birth certificate and  mother civil id and a copy of the mother Nationality certificate.
  5. A recent medical report (Arabic or English) valid for maximum 1 year from a govermental hospital in Kuwait.
  6. For hearing impairment cases: (a hearing test valid for 3-6 months with the treating doctor’s comment and  a signature on the diagnosis - ABR-TEST & OAE - Speech test)
  7.  In cases of auditory or visual impairment the medical report is mandatory and fill the form of Hearing commity.
  8.  Cases of mental and learning disabilities: Medical repot from government Hospital or one of the Certified Centers from PADA, a psychological report , an IQ test , reports sent from schools to the educational department).
  9. Cases of developmental disability from 5-6 years should provide a Medical report and a Stanford test.
  10. Cases of developmental disability from 3-12 years(Medical reporrt or Report from developmental medicine hospital Valid for 1 year- Valid Civil ID for the applicant).


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