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Article 42 of Law No.8 of 2010 for the Caregiver (Retirement / Settlement)

  • Required Documents:
  1. - A copy of the caretaker certificate - obtained from the Department of Psychological and Social Services in the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs.
  2. - A retirement referral letter from the employer (if he is in his position) and a letter to whom it may concern from the Public Institution for Social Security stating the length of service, and in the case of settlement (a letter to whom it may concern) from the Public Institution for Social Security stating the previous service period.
  3. - A copy of the disabled civil id .
  4. - A copy of the caretaker (the address for both disabled person and the caretaker shall match )
  5. - The nationality of the disabled person (18 and over), or proof of nationality (under the age of 18) from the Citizen Service Center or the Nationality Department.
  6. - A copy of  disabled person birth certificate or the age assessment certificate.
  7. - A copy of the disability ID.
  8. - A statement of the family members (from The Public Authority for Civil Information) indicating that the disabled and the caregiver have the same address.
  9. - Marriage Certificate (if the caretaker is one of the spouses).
  10. - Official notification for the caregiver + official notification for the disabled (18 years and over).
  11. - Guardianship + no appeal (for mental states). Ensure that the executive seal of the judgment is present.
  12. - Fill out the attached form from a government hospital, health center, or clinic stating that caretaker is healthy.