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Chapter 10: General Provisions

  • Chapter 10: General Provisions

Chapter Ten General Provisions


The Authority shall revise the value of the financial allocations granted to the disabled every three years from the date of implementing the provisions of this law.


The General Institution for Social Insurances is assigned to implement the provisions of the pensions decided under this law in which it shall be subject to the provisions of the Social Insurance law for matters not covered by a specific provision.


No public employee or any person charged with a public service is to mediate in any way with one of the bodies concerned with persons with disabilities, whether by order or request or plea or recommendation. Those bodies, in this case, must notify the Authority and the body the employee referred to works for, to take legal procedures against him. Only the guardian of a disabled person, or their first class relative, or those who have official authority over them may start the procedures regarding the documents of the disabled.


The authority shall determine the people in charge (Friends of the Disabled) to apply the provisions of this Law and the decisions issued implementing it, whether from its employees or from outside, and the authority shall issue a resolution determining their functions and authority of judicial control provided for them under this law.


The public treasury carries the financial burden resulting from the application of this law.


Law No. 49 of 1996 shall be referred to, and every provision violating the provisions of this law shall be considered null and void, and all the decrees issued implementing it shall remain applicable in matters not conflicting with the provisions of this law, until the issuance of regulations and decisions necessary for its implementation.


This Law shall be applicable after three months from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.


The Prime Minister and ministers are in charge – each of his own jurisdictions – for the implementation of this law.