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Conditions for Employment Application

  • condition
  1. ​​​​​ Must be a Kuwaiti citizen.
  2. The proof of disability certificate be valid.


  • Required Documents:


  1. A copy of the certificate of proof of disability (valid and not expired).
  2. A copy of the last academic qualification.
  3. A training course certificate (if any).
  4. A copy of the civil ID.
  5. A copy of the civil of the mother (for children of Kuwaiti women).
  6. A copy of the birth certificate (Kuwaiti children).
  7. A personal photo.
  8. Fill out the applicant and sign the application.


Work procedures at the department of career follow-up and training

  1. Printing a letter addressed to the president of the Civil Service Bureau
  2. Signing the letter by the Deputy Director General of the Education and Rehabilitation Service Sector
  3. Sending the book by e-mail (G2G)


  1. Submitting the required papers is not considered an admission of the applicant for, but rather it is a book that contributes to facilitating the recruitment process
  2. For Employment Application click here