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Opening an educational + rehabilitation file (first time)

  • condition

1. Must have a Kuwaiti nationality or of a Kuwaiti mother or treated as a Kuwaiti.

2. To have a valid proof of disability certificate issued by the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs.

3. That the student is not less than 3 years old until August 31 of the academic year (to open an educational file).

4. That the student is at least 21 years old until December 31 of the academic year (to open a rehabilitation file).


  • Required Documents:

1. Fill out the form for opening the educational or rehabilitation file.

2. A recent personal photo of the student.

3. A copy of the student’s birth certificate.

4. A copy of the student's Civil ID (if expired)

5. A copy of the Civil ID of the father and mother.

6. A copy of the custody or guardianship ruling for the mother or agent + Civil ID.

7. A copy of the nationality of the mother of the non-Kuwaiti student from a Kuwaiti mother.

8. A copy of the medical reports (depending on the type of disability)

9. A copy of the psychological and educational reports and intelligence tests (according to the type of disability)

10. Academic certificates or academic reports for students enrolled in one of the educational bodies, whether public or private education.

11. A copy of the transfer letter issued by the Special Cases Committee of Public Education (Monitoring Social and Psychological Services) at the Ministry of Education (for students enrolled in public education).

12. A letter of No Objection from the Child Education and Assessment Center for those who wish to register for evening programs.

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