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Grievance and review of the educational decision

  • condition
  1.  Must have a Kuwaiti nationality or of a Kuwaiti mother or who is treated like a Kuwaiti.

  2.  Must have a valid proof of disability certificate issued by the Public Authority for Disability Affairs.

  3. Must have had a previous educational / qualification decision.

  4.  The guardian has the right to appeal only once within 60 days of receiving the educational decision.

  5.  The guardian has the right to apply to study the student's file again for the following academic year.

  6.  The grievance is for the type of educational institution or the type of class in which the student studies.


  • Required Documents:
  1.  Fill out the form for grievance against the educational decision.
  2. A copy of the proof of disability certificate.
  3.  A copy of the last educational decision.
  4.  A copy of the student's civil ID.
  5.  A copy of academic certificates or previous academic reports.
  6.  A copy of the medical reports (depending on the type of disability).
  7.  A copy of psychological reports and IQ tests (depending on the type of disability).
  8. A letter from the educational authority if available.
  9. Grievance Attachments.