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Chapter 6: Social Care

  • Chapter 6: Social Care


The family shall commit to ensuring its cooperation in providing care for the family members with disabilities, whose inability to take care of themselves was proven according to the competent technical committee’s report, and the Authority shall issue a resolution for regulations and procedures for the care of people with disabilities.


Providing care for people with disabilities shall be undertaken by the mother, then the father, and the husband or wife depending on the circumstances, as long as they are able to provide it and be responsible for it. If this care is not provided, the person in charge, legally, is one of his relatives residing in Kuwait who is able to be responsible for the care of people with disabilities, according to the following order: The children, then the grandchildren, then the brothers, and if multiple members exist in that category, one of them is chosen to take care of the disabled person with notifying the supervisor. If it was not agreed between them, and no one offered to provide the care, the authority shall raise the matter to the competent court to assign who undertakes the care of people with disabilities from the relatives referred to or from others, or deciding their residence in one of the social care centers depending on each case and its special circumstances.


The Authority shall assign socially and psychologically specialized supervisors to supervise the care of people with disabilities, and they are entitled to have access to the data related to those who deserve the care necessary to perform their job from the bodies concerned, and call those responsible for their care, guide them to their duties, and point out any breaking of the provisions of this law, writing the records necessary for it, and sending them to the competent authorities.


The person responsible for the care of the disabled shall notify the Authority in writing in case of the death of the disabled included in the care, or in case of their sickness, or changing their address, or being away from their residency after notifying security bodies.


The Authority has the right to ask the court to change the person responsible for the care or send the disabled to one of the care centers of labor and social affairs ministry if needed.