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Chapter 5: Integration in Society

  • Chapter 5: Integration in Society



The General Authority for Youth and Sports is committed to taking the necessary measures to ensure the establishment of clubs and specialized centers for athletic, cultural, and entertaining activities in accordance with international standards for those with disabilities in all governorates in order to integrate them into society.


The Government shall work to encourage the disabled athletes playing sports, full-time sports, the law of professionalism, and all other privileges granted to athletes.


Governmental and civil bodies, in constructing facilities and buildings for general use, are committed to observe the general design referred to in Article (1) of this Law.


Means of transportation for general use and private vehicles for general use shall be equipped with the appropriate means to serve people with disabilities.


The authority shall work on raising awareness in society about the rights of people with disabilities that preserve their humanity and dignity throughout:

1- Enlightening and guiding people with disabilities and their families with the duties and rights stated in this law and other enactments and services decided for them.

2- Preparing local environment through educational, religious, life and athletic methods to satisfy the needs decided for people with disabilities.

3- Organizing awareness campaigns through the media and motivating the media to create a positive image for people with disabilities.


The Ministry of Information shall commit to taking the measures needed to provide sign language translators in visual means of media when airing news, educational programs, national assembly sessions, and conferences, on the condition that this shall be executed within two years from the date of applying this law.