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Chapter 1: Scope of the law's application

  • Chapter one: Law Enforcement Article No. 1

CHAPTER 1 SCOPE OFTHE LAW’S APPLICATION ARTICLE (1) The application of this Law’s provisions means the following:

1-The person with disability: One who suffers from permanent, total, or partial disorders leading to deficiencies in his/her physical, mental, or sensory abilities that may prevent him/her from securing the requirements of life to work or participate fully and effectively in society on an equal basis with others.

2-Technical committee concerned: The body to which a resolution on its formation and terms of reference is issued by the authority, and has a team of people with competencies in the field of disability.

3- Communication: The languages and texts display, Braille method, tactile communication, large print, accessible multimedia, methods, means and forms of augmentative and alternative, written, audio-visual communication including information technology.

4- Language: The language of speech, sign language, symbols, and other forms of nonverbal languages.

5- Simplified arrangements required: Modifications and arrangements that are appropriate and necessary in a specific situation to ensure that persons with disabilities enjoy, and are able to exercise, equality with others in all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

6- General Design: Design of buildings and facilities, public utilities, special facilities for public use, as well as products, programs, and services to suit the use of persons with disabilitiesز

7- Habilitation: Preparing the person with disabilities to develop their abilities through direct medical treatment, physiotherapy, provision of prosthetic devices, vocational education and training, psychological and social rehabilitation commensurate with their capabilities.

8- Rehabilitation: The preparation of the person to restore the capacity and capability to adapt - again -with the community after acquiring a disability.

9- The Authority: The General Authority of the Disabled.

10- The General Assembly: The General Assembly for the General Authority of the Disabled.

11-The Board of Directors: The Board of Directors for the General Authority of the Disabled.

12- The President: The Chairman of the Board of the General Authority of the Disabled.

13- Director General: The Director General of the General Authority of the Disabled.

14- The Supervisor: The employee specialized in supervising bodies’ and individuals’ commitment in providing the services and the demands of the disabled.

15- Disability Card: An official document issued by the General Authority of the Disabled proving that its holder has a disability according to the disability certificate issued by the competent technical committee, determining disability type and degree. ARTICLE (2) Provisions of this Law are applicable to the Kuwaiti disabled and the children of the Kuwaiti woman from a non-Kuwaiti, within the bounds of medical and educational care and employment rights stated in the Law herein. The Authority is entitled to consider some of its provisions applicable to non-Kuwaiti disabled, according to the terms and regulations it deems appropriate after the consent of the General Assembly. ARTICLE (3) The non-Kuwaiti disabled with a Kuwaiti mother is treated, from birth, like a Kuwaiti for life based on a resolution issued by the minister of interior according to Law no. 21 of 2000 to amend some provisions of the Emiri Decree no. 15 of 1959 concerning the Kuwaiti nationality law.